2017 Festive 500

Back in 2000, our friends at Rapha started a challenge, a challenge to ride 500km during the eight days between Christmas Eve and New Years Eve and this year Culpeper Cycling & VeloConcepts decided to take part in the challenge. Our version is a little easier than the Strava/Rapha Festive 500 since we will try to ride 500km (thats 310 miles) over NINE days, and include our New Years Day Ride

Sure we know this is a difficult challenge and there’s a lot of planning to be had during those days in order to make the challenge successful, but we think that’s the best part. Even if you don’t complete the whole Festive 500, challenge yourself to ride more during Christmas and New Years Eve and reward yourself with everything the Holiday’s have to offer.

For those of you that don’t wish to challenge the full 300+ miles we will offer shorter options each day as well so you can select how much time or fitness you have.

Each ride will start at VeloConcepts in Culpeper and they will have some light food and coffee both before and after the ride and even a few seminars as well.

DateStart TimeFestive 500 RouteShort RouteGravel Option Available ?
Sunday - 12/2411 am35 Miles25 MiliesNo
Monday - 12/251:30 pm19 Miles
Same as Festive 500 routeNo
Tuesday - 12/2611 am33 Miles
25 Miles

Wednesday - 12/2711 am23 Miles
Same as Festive 500 routeYes
Thursday - 12/2811 am30 miles
25 miles
Friday - 12/2911 am33 miles

22 miles
Saturday - 12/3011 am31 miles
22 miles
Sunday - 12/3111 am31 milesSame as Festive 500 routeNo
Monday - 1/112 pm62 miles
27 miles
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